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AI & Future Technology

March 16–17

About our STEAM Fair

Join us at Laurus International School of Science for an electrifying exploration into the boundless realm of AI and Future Technology!


Delve into an array of captivating workshops, mind-boggling exhibits, and interactive activities designed to ignite the imagination of children of all ages. With a tapestry of hands-on experiences, this event promises an exhilarating journey into the technological landscape of tomorrow.


Be part of the excitement, the innovation, and the limitless possibilities as we unravel the mysteries and potential of AI and future technology!

Teachers and students interacting with technology

Prepare to be inspired by the brilliant minds at Laurus International School of Science! Witness the culmination of creativity and knowledge as our talented students take to the stage to showcase their captivating science presentations.


From groundbreaking experiments to thought-provoking insights, the presentations encapsulate the spirit of innovation and learning that defines our educational community.


Join us on this journey of discovery and applaud the achievements of our aspiring scientists!

Student Science Presentations

Laurus International School of Science Logo

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General Admission

Laurus Primary and Secondary School,
〒108-0014 Tokyo, Minato City, Shiba, 4-1-30, Shiba International Building 7-10F


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