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  • Do I need to speak English to attend the event?
    All workshops and other activities are conducted in English, but we also have bilingual staff, so some activities can be conducted in Japanese if you would like. Many of our activities for younger children are enjoyable even if you don't understand English.
  • Do I need to register for all workshops in addition to registering for general admission?
    Yes, you need to apply for general entry even if you have already applied to a workshop. Please apply from here:
  • When does registration open for lectures by special guests?
    Currently under preparation. Details will be released very soon. We appreciate your patience.
  • Can I also see SPOT on March 17th?
    We are sorry, this activity is only available on March 16th. However, we will have videos and other exhibits related to SPOT, so please enjoy those on March 17th!
  • Do I only need to book the workshop for the child? Do I need to purchase an adult portion if I need to be with my child in the room?
    Reservations are not required for adults who are not taking part in the workshops. Please make a reservation only for each participating child.
  • Am I free to come and go at any time for the 10-4pm exhibitions? If so, do I need to book for an adult?
    For exhibition-style workshops, such as those from 10-4pm, you are free to come and go and do not require a reservation for an adult. Please note that for some workshops with a note such as "Please reserve the required number of seats", reservations for adults are also required.
  • Can I attend this event with my baby? If so, do I need a ticket for my baby?
    You are more than welcome to come along with your baby, although the school will be a little noisy and not a very calm environment for babies. A mothers' room will be available if you would like to use it. Please include your baby in your registration if possible. You will need the QR code when you enter the event, but it is fine if you are all together when entering.
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